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Collection: The Nod Box

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What is the NOD BOX?  

Gratitude is our purpose, so we've put together a limited collection of free gifts to kick start some kindness and appreciation in our community

Got someone to thank?  Keep reading:

1. These gifts are FREE (for real!).  We just ask that you pay for shipping to cover the delivery cost but as always, local pickup is FREE!

2. One gift per person please.

3. A handwritten card is included, so be sure to add a message for the recipient.  

4. What's the catch?  Nothing!  Just do us a favor - If you happen to snag a free gift, please share about it on your social platforms (and tag us) to spread the word.  This isn't required  - but we'd oh so love you for it!

- More gifts COMING SOON- 
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