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The Nod Box


A new nomination will open Monday, May 11th - Friday, May 15st


THE NOD BOX is a nomination for Oklahomans who are making a difference in our community right now. Those individuals whose good deeds, hard work and kindness generally go unnoticed or overlooked.  
At Knead & Nod, we want to recognize those people!  We want to say thank you to individuals in the Oklahoma community who are doing incredible things. That’s why we’ve started the initiative called THE NOD BOX.  
This is a Giveaway unlike any other where YOU nominate someone DESERVING!
How it Works:

1.  The Nominee must be a resident in OKLAHOMA.

2.  Complete the nomination form below.

3.  Please tell us how the Nominee is exceptional and why they deserve this recognition.

4. Please check Instagram for current gift box donation design, nominations dates and giveaway details.